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listening to music is a hobby for most runners while running. Xiao Bian will often recommend some good songs, let us follow the rhythm of the joy of running. But in the near future, there is a scientific argument that hearing songs during running affect hearing, and even lead to a decline in exercise effects. Today, the small editor to drink people to discuss, run listening to the advantages and disadvantages.



follow the rhythm of it!

is a double enthusiast for music and running, and listening to songs to run is a paradise for the little editor. When the mood is bad, some super heavy bass, rhythm with a sense of the song, along with drums and ran forward, what troubles are behind, after the run, the mood is a word - cool!


is running behind the music!

some fellow runners are suffering from "lazy cancer", often struggling between "running" and "no running". But if you give him a dynamic rhythm, put the Buddha for him an injection of "sports tonic, follow the rhythm of his feet to run a minute over" lazy cancer "oh!


rhythm is a good helper for speed control,

if you are doing some sort of speed training, listening to some music that fits this speed is a very good way to control speed. Transform the invisible speed into a perceptible rhythm, making the training process and the effect more clear and clear.

's disadvantages


is easy to influence listening!

science shows that the noise generated by earphones can affect the microcirculation of the inner ear cells and cause microcirculation disturbance, which will affect our hearing. At the time of running training, this microcirculation is faster, aggravating the effect of microcirculation disorder and hearing loss more easily.

The effect of
on the motion effect of

in our brain, different brain nerve centers are responsible for the excitement and inhibition of different organs. The reason that running can effectively mobilize the heart and lungs is because the nerve centers that command the function of the muscles are in a state of excitement during running.
runs and listens to music, it will make the central nervous center of the supervisor unable to rest, and at the same time, it will inhibit the nerve center of the competent movement, so that it will affect the training effect.


is prone to dangerous

in the daily running process, with a headset running easy listening to the sound of car horns, when the road is running more prone to traffic accidents; and in the running process, running music will make the runner energy short focus on rhythm, ignoring his own breathing sound the sound of footsteps, and other physical feedback, so indulge in the "rhythm" in ".

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