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8 things that make the runner fast

sina sports news as a runner, increasing speed is the desire of most people - even if you don't care about a name, but do you always think about yourself? American runner Jennifer · Bourne shared her speed up with social media.

1, getting faster means running faster

sounds like a crap... But we can exercise anything and want to run fast, and focus on improving speed. Jennifer prefers to do routine training in the gym. She can run 1 miles on the treadmill to run far and far, and then rest for 1 minutes, run and rest again. She ran 4 times until she could run at the speed of 1 miles (about 1.61km). She thinks this kind of training is most effective for her, and other runners do not have to run a treadmill.

2, mountain running

in Jennifer's view, mountain running is the fastest way to improve speed. Find a good hill around you, and then do a mountain run until you are exhausted. If you can adapt to the mountain run, you can beat a lot of people in the game, because the mountain is more mentally than physically. Create a mountain run spell! Think again and again until it is printed in the heart. There is no special situation, it can help you to distract your attention!

3, long distance running

long run every Monday. This will make you more confident about the shorter competition!

4, exercise core muscle

sometimes the basic is the best! Sit ups, flat support and push ups will make you a stronger and faster runner - because your core strength will become stronger.

5, running
with people faster than themselves
is looking for a rabbit to run after a run, even if Radcliffe needs it! A friend who runs faster than yourself is your blessing. He / she is the person you want to chase. In the game, you can try to keep chasing the person in front of you, and more than one to pursue the goal.

6, pay attention to stretching

flexibility will help you speed and effectively prevent injury. The older you get, the more you don't jump over the stretch. Keeping your body relaxed can reduce the risk of all injuries.

7, set target

in accordance with the plan to the total, twice the result with half the effort. If you set some feasible goals for yourself, you will be more able to stick to training to achieve the goal.

8, runway training and sprint training

's running on the runway or other high intensity running training will greatly improve your speed.

Jennifer's mind is simple and practical. Do you have any better training methods for yourself? Take it out and share it with you.

(Sina running moonlight)

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