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last summer, specializes in a variety of illustration, knitwear, graffiti and packaging design of the Japanese artist RYOONO and Vans and BILLY 'S three party together, jointly issued new shoes, this pair of shoes slip-on Slip-On used Vans as the foundation, toe and heel RYOONO rendering of the original black and yellow fluorescence combined psychedelic patterns the middle part, with red contrast. The insole is also red, followed by written on RYOONO marked joint. The shoes in BILLY? "S exclusive sale, currently still on sale.

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a new year, of course, everything is going to start again. We just said goodbye to a month, and it's time to find some new ways. If you are an athlete, or if you want to become an athlete, it is very important for you to make a plan for yourself throughout the year.

many people like to make their goals too ambitious, instead of neglecting the small details. The big goal will make people very pushy, it will certainly bring power to us, but if we ignore the details of the target, a shock out of reach, you in the end how long to maintain, is still unknown.
talks about running, one tendency is important, which is the necessity of the plan. We have to know how much time we want to spend every mile, what courses we train each week, when to train, and how to train. If you have a mile per mile, you might as well walk for a while.

so not at the beginning of the new year, look back on your previous performance and make a plan that can be applied throughout the year. For example, running and running on a mountain path and exploring new routes in some cities will make you full of energy and have a new understanding of running.
is a new year's new year plan for a big running God. It's interesting to read:

stopped biting my nails, and I had failed for 27 years, causing myself to have to look for some fake nails;

stops watching too many reality TV shows and enriches himself;

stops eating fast food, and every year this commitment will be broken, but now I have to use a gluten free diet;

cost less, especially the useless money;

some yoga classes to make their own self-cultivation. (Wen: winter)

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