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today has detailed view, is still a pair of professional skateboard shoes, Van Pro Skate professional skateboard extension will be a pair of Old Skool re launch, so we have today's Vans Old Skool Pro a detailed view of brown.

Old Skool has been a popular shoes under Vans, although it is low, but not thin body so that it can in the cold weather slightly when wearing, not to mention the popularity of classic, let it become a necessary tide street now. Pro Skate is a fancy Old Skool this point, so the professional skateboard shoes UltraCush HD cushioning insole plus, providing exceptional foot feeling, and the Duracap in the toe wrapping plus reinforcement technology.

shoes also use high quality suede, forming beautiful brown and collocation, although it is not widely known, but look comfortable, good-looking, the details also show the skill, white outline shoes original beautiful contour of the car line, but also to reinforce the two hole at the top of the shoe will be plus at the same time outside of aluminum material, Sidestripe also adds Vans flags. for map / Hero
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Love run - Beijing bird nest reload, Olympic champion to join.
Beijing time on June 20, 2015, by the 2015 "FAW TOYOTA title sponsor of the Beijing love to run -" public welfare activities run at the National Stadium nest was run, from all walks of life nearly 2000 runners participated in the event, enjoy running brings passion and happiness.

Beijing in June although it is summer, the sun is shining, but this does not affect the love to run Beijing contestants fiery passion. When the starting whistle rang, the challengers rushed out of the starting line under the leadership of FAW TOYOTA Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. and the general manager of Fujian PEAK group, and opened the 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers of the love running challenge on the same day. Full of spirit, A fighting spirit soars aloft. challengers. The young and energetic people, together with the activity name sponsor, TOYOTA, have become the most concerned focus in the bird's nest.

bird's nest is the world's most notable place in the 08 Olympic Games in Beijing. It's also the end of the Beijing Olympic marathon. From 08 years, the bird's nest has become the sacred hall of Chinese runners. In order to meet the world track and field events at the highest level -- the 2015 Beijing IAAF World Athletics Championships held for the special events nest laid a new runway, love running? Beijing runners have before World Championships participants felt the new runway of the bird's nest, a bird nest new look.

the improvement of modern social life level, more and more people begin to pay attention to their own physical and mental health. As a good way to exercise, relieve stress and improve the quality of life, running is very popular with the mainstream population represented by the urban middle class. The campaign of "running Beijing" has been opened again, providing a high quality platform for those who love to move and live a life of life. Mr. Liu, who took part in the challenge, said, "I particularly like running, and I want to run a few kilometers out of sweat as long as I have time." Running significantly improved my strength and endurance, and my physical and mental conditions were getting better and better. Last year's challenge let me enough, I decided this year to participate in all four stations' love to run - Beijing "". Besides running fans, this year's AI run Beijing has also attracted challenges such as Olympic champion Wang Liping, Olympic diving champion Wang Xin, Zhang Zheng, and so on.

2014, FAW TOYOTA in support of the "love run - Beijing" series of activities was a great success, it was the first year of the Beijing runners believe is the most fashionable running carnival. This year, FAW TOYOTA, as the domestic chief partner of the 2015 world track and Field Championships, will continue to support all four stations of the 2015 "run Beijing". In this regard, FAW TOYOTA leader has said: "FAW TOYOTA not only produces the best products, provides the best service, but also promotes the development of social culture, sports and art. The world athletics championships and the activities of this' run Beijing 'show the vitality, the passion and the physical challenge of the self.

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