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earlier we brought this pair of Van Doren founder of the extension of this spring to prepare Sk8-Hi Reissue shoes, this pair of shoes is called "Tropic Rays", $65.

toe and heel with black suede side making, canvas drawn with colorful palm tree pattern, Sidestripe with white leather, soft leather lining with yellow comfortable. As everyone knows, Van Doren shoes have been bold and bright, this is the case, and this pair of shoes palm tree pattern is the classic design from the year Vans in the archive re engraved, I believe there will be a lot of people love.
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Southern Song Dynasty Chen Yuanliang "thing Lin Guang Ji" Japanese Yuan Lu twelve years reprinting, there is a "Royal Xuan cooked water information:" Injong Chi Hanlin set boiled water for perilla, aloes of Maimendong times." The so-called "boiled water", is a song and Yuan Dynasties, the types of beverages are very important, herbal tea (excluding tea). Song Renzong (1023 - 1063) was ordered to responsible for the affairs of Imperial Palace beverage division for many types of flowers and tea was fixed quality results Basil cooked water, boiled water and boiled water aloes Maimendong was named the three best quality.

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Brunei old material 18mm-24.08g

window MAEMI was disturbed by a quiet afternoon, the air dense mugginess always let people have no spirit to. If there is a refreshing aloes on hand side, you can still maintain high expression, in the lazy afternoon still clear logic and multiplier. Material is area of Brunei old material, silk line grease filling full, cool sweet smell, pure milk rhyme through the nose looking carefree. To calm atmosphere, more men's charm, is your best low-key simple accessories, also is your summer cool companion. [BN0701-10]

Dallas countersunk hand -13.14g
bamboo stemBaby Name:
baby weight: 15.37 grams of

most of the court official mastery of incense, incense do cooked water this small program, completely is not a problem for them. Wanli Yang "South China Sea to send water Tao Shen, a Shuangjing tea two song" poems, one of them said: "the first submerged Champa, Dagon as residual paste Tim fire and boiled water while new soup. What really affects jasmine, after all he lost part of incense." My friend brought me a good city submerged incense, Shuangjing tea as a poet and poetry, thanks, and by the way of reporting their kindness of friends is how to cherish. "As the residual paste Tim fire gun", shows a refinement of traditional literati was generally familiar - hand processing of spices. In the burning incense before burn, must cook tea, remove one of the ointment, it seems, for Wanli Yang, this is his skill. Welcome to pay attention to small.

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