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Vans Vault this year launched a large number of single product, many classic shoes all return OG (Originals), Tim LX (Luxury) launched, this time we will bring a pair of OG Old Skool LX shoes are laid. This color is called Dusty Olive, literally means "stained with dust, perfect olive green" paint a dark olive green feeling. Toe heel used common suede material, side or the classic canvas fabric, but because the canvas is rough, it is better to reflect the shoes retro workmanship. At the same time, the big white edging more on the package, but also easy to create a retro feel, deep blue dotted line collocation. Sidestripe side stripes, and white are used inside laces and shoe body dark form visual contrast, inside the leather texture is extremely soft and comfortable. the shoes have been sold, priced at $65, about 434 yuan.

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2012-4-14 08:39 upload and download attachments (146.11 KB) shoe shop in Boston for the United States well-known streamline Bodega

is designed to cool the color of the most common lake blue, bright purple and blue throughout both works, inspired by
In the early
90, ski jacket colors, brushed leather, and climbing element fabrics also filled the shoes with strong outdoor

style. Like friends can buy through the PHANTACi shop.

2012-2-27 08:25 upload and download the attachment (117.32 KB) joint sports brand and brand design often will spark a new collision, in addition to new expectations of designers, bring new vitality to the sports brand design, brand can also use a more friendly price close to the superior of the past. Known as the mosaic design MIHARAYASUHIRO once again play its unique skills, but this is used in other brands, following the previous description for all of their own home in spring and summer shoes, MIHARAYASUHIRO announced its famous sports brand Puma and designer Black Label of regional cooperation, the classic models with avant-garde design to create a different feeling. This cooperation uses the Puma classic Tennis Lo shoes model as the prototype, the traditional charm to play incisively and vividly, and then join MIHARAYASUHIRO, a great sense of the stitching design, really amazing.

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