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today's detailed view, it also brings a special bag, we have introduced this handbag, it combined Vault and Taka caused by Vans Hayashi and Billykirk Duffle three.
This handbag is designed by Billykirk
Duffle, produced in the United States, mainly in the canvas and leather as raw material, the body is a classic Hayashi design pattern Taka Marijuana Leaf, folk style design inside the pattern of the Taka Hayashi. The handbag is rectangular, huge capacity, long time shooting exhibition, photographer and even Vans shoebox plug in, can also be placed on two pairs of shoes Taka Hayashi Sk8-Mid and some other small items, also produced very fine details in place.
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New Balance first launched, with the flagship level shock performance running shoes 1080.

got the first New Balance launched by Sina running, the Fresh Foam that had flagship cushioning performance for the first time. 1080, she was so excited that she couldn't wait to open the box.

New Balance, through constantly collecting a lot of sports data, including biomechanics, step force mode and runner wear habits, makes Fresh Foam more comprehensive data mitigation technology, and provides appropriate footwear for different types of runners. After the traditional EVA is combined through multiple densities, the midsole has lighter weight and better softness, and obtains a good rebound and rebound effect. As a double main shock, long distance, high load running tailored flagship running shoes, the uppers use engineering cloth, make feet more breathable, the runners in the running feet more comfortable; in the end both sides of heightening the foot part of TPU protection, strengthen the stability of the biped, escort, and the bottom front end bending groove runner design based on big data, and brings good flexibility for running shoes. The reflector design of logo on both sides of the upper and the heel also improves the safety factor for the night runner.

details show

wearing experience:

although the shoes forefoot relatively wide, but the package is very good; at the start, at the bottom of the small hexagonal honeycomb module can give the friction coefficient greatly, convenient when racing speed and adapt to different road conditions; can clearly feel the sole touchdown instant foot on the ground, the impact force quickly dispersed well, stability and the cushioning performance is very good.



height: 175cm

weight: 68KG

arch type: normal arch

running habits: the night run is mostly

running environment: street running, road running (because the surrounding environment is limited, this evaluation is carried out on the road, the road is very representative, cement road, asphalt road, small sandy road, and cement brick auxiliary road)

running parameter recording tool: mobile

running software: plump tulips (the selected plump
measurement is divided into three groups, the first five kilometer speed, the second set of ten kilometer speed, and the third group for the long distance running at the middle distance of the 18KM. As follows:

is wearing Fres>

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