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Antihero and Vans skateboard brand this year jointly in February has been sold to China group, this month, and the introduction of Vans Chinese joint in the Slip-On and Sk8-Mid two pairs of shoes to domestic sale. Today we bring them this pair of shoes as detailed on Sk8-Mid.
This pair of shoes
version of Old between Sk8-Hi and Skool has two pairs of shoes, show help very attuned to the current situation, the heat and cold weather, due to the design of help enhance ankle protection, but also reduces the flexibility, so Vans is close to the design in the heel sag. In order to facilitate the use of ankle skateboarding. The shoe material or the continuation of the classic collocation, toe and heel suede, side wear, high quality canvas and can keep the shoes whole, show you green.
Sidestripe label sewn is written in the words of ANTIHERO, metal design used lace holes at the top of the shoe body is also equipped with UltraCush HD professional cushioning soles, Duracap reinforced sandwich, the key parts of the line also increased, in order to provide the most durable can skateboard. Photographer / Fly Streetwear
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speaking of football equipment, especially professional football shoes, seems to have been the domestic brands do not want to touch the depth of the field. Most of the market has been ruled by foreign brands, although there have been some products. In October 26th, Anta officially announced that the signing of Asian Footballer of the year, the famous football player Zheng Zhi as Anta Football Promotion Ambassador, which means that domestic brands are finally willing to return to football. Now, let's take a look at what Anta called the "Lion", and what kind of surprise it brings to us. the first impression of this shoe makes people feel more beautiful, also let everybody have greater expectation to detail design. The above said, the shoe called "Lion", Chinese in traditional culture, the lion has a garrison of Italy, both in national culture power, leader, king of the meaning and attribute control temperament of football match. Of course, Zheng Zhi happens to be a leo. From the appearance, the shoes designed by Anta will be popular with consumers, because Chinese people always prefer red sneakers.

Compatibility of high shoes
"Lion" on foot, rounded toe for most of our Chinese feet wide, arch back slightly. Because the surfaces of texture does not blunt, so increase the arch and the instep of the package. On the whole, the shape of the shoes is pretty good, and I think it has a close relationship with the advanced craftsmanship of Anta shoes for many years.

vamp adopts SFT vamp catch technology, shoe upper is light and thin, soft and hard medium. The black pieces on the shoe has become the main pattern of the shoe vamp ornament, and engaging. The upper part is designed with a crisscross diamond grid friction coating, which is a kind of granular friction coating made by mechanical stereo imprinting, using different friction coefficient materials and bionic design. For the control shoes, the large area of the friction coating on the players play a crucial role in the control of football, in addition to increasing the ability to control the ball, but also to maintain the integrity and flexibility of the vamp.

upper is made of multilayer materials, with the inner layer reinforced and the outer lightweight waterproof, which ensures the professional competition requirements, while the sole has only one suture on the heel. It is worth noting that the heel of the use of an external package cup design, and the big bottom as one of the design, is a test of factory work. Anta in the first gym shoes package cup stereotypes can do so well, worthy of our praise.

, many soccer shoes uppers are perfect, but the bottom of the pros and cons is the test of a football shoes design skills place. The "Lion" soccer shoes with GCS control system, the main points are sole connected together by spikes and force conduction module, and remove the traditional insole, outsole and instep makes direct contact, increase transmission efficiency, enhance the athletes control of shoes. The sole reinforcement structure adopts the bionic design principle, absorbs the bird skeleton structure, namely strengthens the strength, but also controls

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