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Author sprint

/ Wang Xiao

is a marathon in Guangzhou, but it is a journey of soy sauce. The reason is that in the September Huangguoshu Waterfalls half marathon, I suffered a terrible failure. If it wasn't for my own experience, I would never believe that a person would crash around 3 kilometers.
On the second day after the
yellow horse, I ran along the usual line of running. Running and running, it began to rain. I began to cry when I ran and ran. The frustration of the competition was magnified in the rain. I remembered the hard training in recent months, and thought that my efforts didn't get a satisfactory result, so I couldn't keep myself from grief.

I don't know if I should give up running or insist, maybe I should change a way.

but which way should we change?

we are all poor animals, living in this age of the egg. No one can tell me exactly what to do next. Later, I thought of MAF180, the heart rate run. That night, I stayed up all night, not stop the search on the control of heart rate data on the internet.

actually, I'm just looking for a comfort, looking for a lifesaver that will convince myself that he will be good.

since then, I started the 2 and a half months of MAF180 training. The speed of 10 km is 711 to 559 in front of the broad horse. In the 2 and a half months, I was careful to follow the guidelines of the 180 laws, without a strength training, and no speed practice. Until the two days before the Canton, two groups of 1.6 kilometers of long intervals were run.

only this...

so, I came to Guangzhou with two and a half months at 630 speed and in most cases only ten kilometers. Even worse, I was ill. Well, I got a gonorrhea. It was raining for a day in Guangzhou, and I got drenched, causing cold and diarrhea. Worst of all, I realized I was ill in the early morning of the game because of diarrhea.

diarrhea two times body achesweakness walk from the hotel to the starting point only 1 km journey back, even sweating. My consciousness was stuck in the quagmire of retiring or not, and I struggled between retiring or not going back.

are like drunken fragments, I don't remember how you package the way to the starting point, can not remember what time to hear the gunshots, don't even remember at the starting point in the long queues on the toilet buckteeth Zhao, also eat energy like glue and cheer him up. I stumbled ran seven kilometers, until I catch up with buckteeth zhao.

Zhao buckteeth overtook me.

Zhao buckteeth full of joy dance for joy.

this is the first horse teeth Zhao, he is the first horse the excitement.

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