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in 2015 Lunar New Year approaching, Jordan brand launched a section called'Year Of'Air Jordan XX9. When this pair of shoes took the lead in the network exposure, as edit boots we see will naturally'Year Of' affix linked to this is for the Chinese Lunar New Year of the launch of the shoes, but also because this year is the year of the goat, so in the early days of the web information, we see this pair of shoes is billed as "the year of the goat version" XX9. but carefully looked at the design of this pair of Retro jordans for sale shoes, from the point of view, as if there is no "sheep" related elements, but the ink elements on the upper is its bright spot. Follow up we also see a similar Of H20''Year such a name. But from the point of view of the official these two names are not desirable, after thinking carefully think these two points could actually into which the'Year Of'firstly "RAM" can be said that the combination of the traditional Chinese culture, because away from the Lunar New Year is more and more close, and China to Jordan Cheap air jordans for sale Brand is a huge market, pay attention to annually are on the increase. And linked to the water, you may think of the case of water is made such idioms. Is this also a kind of good sustenance? Of course, if you look at the longer term, you will naturally think of this year for the important significance of Brand Jordan, because this year is the thirtieth year of the Jordan Air series. ancient thirty forty and perplexed, 50 to know your destiny, 60 Ershun, seventy and congxinsuoyu allusions, within the past 3 cheap jordans online 0 years, we witness the Jordan Brand from scratch, gradually became popular all over the world shoe brands. And the thirty years accompanying us is not only each generation of classic shoes, and Michael Jordan in a game to bring us a surprise, but the surprise although he retired from has not in the course of flash, instead of being passed on to every section of the air jordan generation is the shoes in. news Aojin except Air Jordan XX9 as the Jordan Brand of top product, since last year the New York conferen cheap foamposites ce made public at the time, became the numerous shoe fans talking about one of the topics, remember when the night of our entire editorial team are in and around the conference do a content update. And at that time the conference was half of the time, Michael · Jordan's sudden appearance, so far on the other end of the network we are more curious about this pair of XX9 will have what kind of appearance and performance. When Jordan XX9 Air officially unveiled, there is no time to see XX8 after the "my p cheap jordan shoes for men ants are off, you give me to see this" mood. But I feel a little bit of deja vu. The day of the conference, Brand Jordan's legendary designer Tinker〉 in October 26th this year, the European Union and the United States presented a motion on labelling measures to WTO members. the joint motion is a part of the Doha Round negotiations on non-agricultural market access, requires Member States to agree to some label measures shall be deemed to comply with the WTO rules, and therefore not subject t Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping o dispute settlement challenges; some other measures should be regarded as a label over trade restrictions against WTO rules. In 2004, the European Union and the United States submitted separate proposals to the world trade organisation. the joint motion aims at enhancing cooperation among all parties, dealing with unnecessary international trade barriers more effectively, and promoting trade in textiles, clothing, footwear and travel goods. When the United States proposed a bill in November 2004, it sa cheap jordans for sale mens id the bill was aimed at reducing the difference in labeling at that time, allowing manufacturers to save time and money. In addition to emphasizing the need for standardization of labels, the joint motion notes that labels have an important function of providing information for consumers. motion based on the interpretation of WTO "agreement on technical barriers to trade". The agreement is designed to ensure that regulations, standards, testing and certification procedures do not create unnecessary bar Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping riers to international trade. Article 2.2 of the agreement stipulates that WTO members shall ensure that the formulation of technical regulations does not constitute an unnecessary barrier to international trade. Article 2.5 provides that WTO members must, if required, provide justifications for the adoption of technical regulations that may have significant implications for the trade of other members. bill that does not interfere with the trade requirements include: ? Fiber composition, origin and Retro jordans for sale nursing instructions of textiles; ? Material and main origin of footwear, the core part of the fiber;? The composition and origin of travel goods. the motion proposes that WTO members consider allowing non permanent labels to provide the required data and not necessarily using permanent labels. be deemed to include unnecessary barriers to trade measures: tag ? No label used more than 1 kinds of Chinese printed materials; ? Provisions subject to prior approval label, registr cheap jordans for sale ation or recognition; ban Tag Package)?ASICS recently for its classic Gel Epirus brings a new color. Shoe body suede, and canvas with mesh made with light gray as the main theme, and respectively in the side and into the tongue, followed by red and blue increase highlights, combined with 3M and white light reflecting the details in the end. At present, the shoes have been purchased by Feature Sneaker Boutique, priced at $$85. asics-gel-epirus-light-grey-navy-1.jpg (71.94 KB, download number: 0) download ASICS Gel Epirus new color 2014-12-10 11:18 upload asics-gel-epirus-light-grey-navy-3.jpg (78.08 KB, download number: 0) download ASICS Gel Epirus new color 2014-12-10 11:18 upload asics-gel-epirus-light-grey-navy-2.jpg (81.4 KB, download number: 0) download ASICS Gel Epirus new color 2014-12-10 11:18 upload 00 today Indiana vs the Miami Heat game, pedestrian team of Montague & middot; Alice feet a quite rare air jordan 13 Bin23 color, shoes tone can be described as the Pacers throwback jerseys very fit. However, wearing a pair of market price in the $1500 - $1000 between the two pairs of shoes to play, have to let people admire! source: Today Sports USAPerhaps Adidas T-Mac 5 engraved message has so many friends ignore other shoes sell it today, the network exposed a Adidas Basketball engraved for sale, from which we can not only see the T-Max 5 and T-Mac 3 and T-Mac 1, which showed pink T-Mac 3 in early July friends for sale, interested friends may wish to store a look, T-Mac 5 is not a limited sale of oh.In the past period of time, the Nike Sock Dart series engraved on the whole regression is successful, comfortable foot feeling, excellent package and classic shoes enough to allow it to capture the hearts of fans. The day before, Nike Sportswear will launch three new color Nike Sock Dart, and plans to launch next year in large quantities. New color matching series includes: gray, red, navy blue, and will be sold next year in 1, 2, March, the interested friends may wish to pay more attention to it.

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